There's Always a Why..

Cordelia Capital was founded with an abundance of deep personal motivations and values. Cordelia‘s direct translation; ‘The heart and the daughter of the sea’, captures the foundation of its founder, Alisa Kolodizner. The three waves, in the logo, portray the three generations of family that immigrated to the United States; Alisa, her parents, and grandparents. The three waves also signify the importance of deep roots, family, and the principles most important to the investment decision being made. Alisa lives three blocks from her grandmothers and parents, right along Lake Michigan in Uptown Chicago, IL. The waves are a constant and the ability to adapt, much like water, holds a special place in her heart.


Alisa was born during her family's immigration to the United States from Kyiv, Ukraine. Growing up speaking Russian, her diverse cultural background contributed to her adaptability at a young age. She grew up in the city of Chicago, three blocks from where she now resides with her husband, Jim and pup, Emma. Alisa is a ten time triathlete, has been swimming in Lake Michigan daily during the summer for over a decade and is a certified Sampoorna yoga instructor. She believes in the importance of taking care of your health, family and hence your wealth.